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Employers: FAQ

  • Does it cost anything to use VacancyBroker?

    VacancyBroker is free to use. Employers pay a fee only when your vacancies get filled successfully and determine the fee percentage based on your own hiring requirements.

  • Will my details be kept confidential?

    To ensure privacy and professionalism on VacancyBroker, names and contact information of Employers are restricted from Recruiter(s) until after an Employer chooses to engage a candidate at the final stage.

  • Will Recruiters be able to call me?

    VacancyBroker does not collect telephone numbers from Employers or Recruiters. All communication takes place through the VacancyBroker online system.

  • How does VacancyBroker make money?

    VacancyBroker makes money by taking an initial fee and a small percentage from each successful placement made by the Recruiter(s).

  • We have a PSL. Why should we join VacancyBroker?

    VacancyBroker will not interrupt any of your existing relationships but simply compliment it as an extension to your recruitment process, delivering top quality candidates instantly.

  • What happens if a Recruiter that we have an existing contract with engages through your platform?

    To streamline and consolidate the recruiting process, we encourage all Employers to work with existing PSLs using the VacancyBroker online platform. This ensures that all communication is done via a single channel, reducing time and costs for the Employer.

  • How will I negotiate the payment with the recruitment agency?

    Employers have complete control with defining the recruitment agency fee when you post a vacancy onto the platform. This is the key benefit of using the online VacancyBroker service.

  • What if I receive candidates through your platform who are already on our system?

    The VacancyBroker system time and date stamps every candidate submitted. We will notify the relevant Recruiter to gain the necessary approval from the candidate.

  • What happens if two Recruiters submit the same candidate?

    The VacancyBroker system blocks duplicate submissions. The system will automatically give priority to the first Recruiter who submits candidate details as determined by the time and date stamp upon submission.

  • With so many Recruiters, will I be inundated with CVs?

    The VacancyBroker system limits the number of candidate submissions per Recruiter.

  • Does VacancyBroker work with Employers who want to sign up multiple users on the platform?

    Employers are only permitted to add colleagues to the company account when necessary.

  • Can we integrate with VacancyBroker’s system?

    VacancyBroker’s system can fully integrate with ATS, CRM or any HR management system. Our system also has full capability to integrate and unify with cross/multi-platforms. Our team of experts can assist you based on your technical requirements.

  • Can I work offline with Recruiters I meet through VacancyBroker?

    No. The Terms of Use prohibit bringing new business developed through VacancyBroker offline and anyone attempting to violate this policy will be immediately removed from the platform.

  • How secure is my information on VacancyBroker?

    All transmission of sensitive information between your computer and ours is strictly encrypted. The highest level of security is guaranteed through approved SSL-Standards (Secure Sockets Layer). You can be sure that the process is encrypted by the https:// in the taskbar, which indicates that a secure transmission of your information has occurred.

    In relation to payment transactions, it is our top priority to ensure that customer transaction data is kept secure at all times.

  • Do Employers have to use the VacancyBroker contract?

    Yes, one central contract governs the relationship between all parties. The VacancyBroker contract was developed with the input and cooperation of a large number of corporate Employers and search firms.

  • Are there any penalties or hidden costs if I wish to close our account?


VacancyBroker benefits at a glance
  • Fully automated online platform
  • All-In-One Solution
  • Manage entire recruitment cycle
  • Collaborate from anywhere
  • Secure and protected online system
  • Optimized delivery
  • Multi-Platform Integration
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