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Employers: Key Benefits

  • Instant access to professional network of recruiters

    VacancyBroker gives access to approved and vetted global recruiters specialising in every industry and any imaginable sector.

  • Stop cold calls now

    Refer your cold calls to VacancyBroker’s state of the art system will check the credentials for potential recruiters to work on your vacancies. Put an end to cold calls and unnecessary conversations.

  • Eliminate unnecessary conversations and administration

    Save over 15 hours a week on unnecessary telephone conversations, simplify and accelerate your hiring process.

  • Fill your vacancies faster

    Quickly gain access to a global pool of talent that would otherwise take years to establish. Do not rely on the same suppliers to deliver every time.

  • Define your rebate period

    VacancyBroker’s automated system will refund in accordance to the rebate period you set if the candidate does not work out within the specified time.

  • Set your own fee

    No more negotiating different contracts with multiple recruitment agencies. Simply agree VacancyBroker Terms and Conditions once for all collaborating suppliers.

  • Pay on success, not on empty promises

    No obligation, no upfront fee and no hidden costs. You simply pay once you have filled a vacancy successfully. Upon placement, pay one supplier: VacancyBroker.

  • The future is VacancyBroker

    The first real time global recruiting platform. Free real-time access to recruiting data analysis reports and cloud hosted CRM system. Who thought recruiting can be this simple? Why hire the hard way? Let the right recruiter come to you and not vice versa. Automated electronic recruiting is changing the face of recruitment industry.

VacancyBroker benefits at a glance
  • Fully automated online platform
  • All-In-One Solution
  • Manage entire recruitment cycle
  • Collaborate from anywhere
  • Secure and protected online system
  • Optimized delivery
  • Multi-Platform Integration
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