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Recruiters: Key Benefits

  • VacancyBroker is your online business development tool

    Sign up in seconds, enter vacancy marketplace, find ideal vacancies, make placements and get paid. Accelerate your success by getting past Preferred Supplier Lists (PSL) with an easy online access to local and global vacancies.

  • Work in an open marketplace

    Recruiters gain access to top vacancies and large number of industries. Manage and find relevant vacancies for your entire candidate database by using the VacancyBroker’s SaaS Cloud based marketplace platform. Make placements faster and efficiently.

  • No more new contracts or PSL requests and payment collections

    A single contract with VacancyBroker will give instant access to top vacancies without having to go through time consuming processes, which can take years to establish.

  • Keep track of enterprise activity and success

    Collaborate and manage vacancies across your entire enterprise or SME. Gain real-time visibility on the competition and track the status of your candidates.

  • Increase your earning potential

    Review recruiter fees, administer your business and save development costs. You no longer require an in-house business development team or researchers costing thousands of pounds. By reversing the recruitment cycle you will increase your placement fees.

  • Let's do this

    Sign up in seconds and access vacancies instantly. Do not work randomly, choose your specialist industry through VancancyBroker (enter Marketplace to view vacancies). Select and engage on vacancies which match candidates on your database.

VacancyBroker benefits at a glance
  • Fully automated online platform
  • All-In-One Solution
  • Manage entire recruitment cycle
  • Collaborate from anywhere
  • Secure and protected online system
  • Optimized delivery
  • Multi-Platform Integration
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